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Brush tips


      Always clean your brushes immediately after use. Never let the paint dry on your brush. Do not overload your brush with paint. This allows the paint to work up into the ferrule. The paint will become hard and impossible to get out.

      Always clean your brushes by working the paint out from the ferrule toward the tip of the brush. Never leave your brushes in liquid for extended periods of time. This will ruin the shape of your brush. It also makes the wood of the handle swell, allowing the ferrule to become loose when the wood dries out. This can cause the paint in the handle to crack and pop off.

      Always clean your brushes with the appropriate cleaner. Read the instructions on the media you are using for the manufacturers' recommendation.

      After cleaning your brushes reshape them to the original shape. You can use hairspray to help keep their shape until the next use.

      Store your brushes lying flat or standing upright on the handles. Never store your brush on the hair itself.

      Take care of your brush and it will perform well for many uses.



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